Property investing is one of the most financially rewarding ways to achieve great returns on your capital – with investing in property becoming more popular than ever. It is no coincidence that most financially successful individuals have property at the heart of their portfolios, delivering monthly profits and healthy capital growth – all whilst funding 75% of your investment with someone else’s money (mortgage lender)! This makes it a very attractive investment proposition.

There are however risks and pitfalls to property investing so it is important that you have good advice and support to keep your  investments profitable. To find out more about property investing and how to get started, please check out our blog posts to help you build your knowledge and skills, or contact us today.

The short answer is ‘yes’! There is never a perfect time to invest, but starting property investing today is the right decision as long as you take a long-term view of your investment. The buy to let market has been strengthening during the last few years, with significant increases in demand for rental properties. This has led to property shortages in many areas and, has in turn driven up average rental prices, which is great news for investors.

The demand for good rental properties looks set to continue for the foreseeable future, and so, if you buy the right property, in the right area, at the right price,  it is likely to be a sound investment for you. We help find our clients the deals that achieve their goals (we define these in the client’s bespoke investment strategy) and we would like to do the same for you. This helps you minimise your risks, and leverages the knowledge of experienced investors.

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At Switch, we are passionate about property and look to deliver high value for our clients, whilst building long-lasting relationships. With our support, our clients successfully build property portfolios and our team of expert partners can help you do the same. We provide excellent value, by sharing our knowledge, experience and contacts – taking the stress out of the whole investing process. The best thing is that our fees are legitimate tax deductible expenses as part of your property business, which is even more reason to contact us today. We save our clients time, stress and money – helping them to avoid mistakes when investing in property.

Find out more about Switch, and see our client promise – these are the values we bring to all of our client relationships. We are BIG on values and want to help you to achieve your goals. So, why not book a free, no obligation 20-minute consultation and see if you feel we can help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. 

This all depends on you. We have a range of services that we tailor to the needs of each individual client. The one thing that is always the same is our desire to see you succeed in property. Our services include education/training on property investing, investment strategy/plan development, property find support, the buying process, renovation management, property management and general support and guidance throughout your property journey to help save you time, money and stress. 

We want you to start your property investment journey today, and reap the financial and lifestyle benefits achieved by investing in property.

This all depends on the strategy that you choose to meet your goals. Buy To Let can provide returns of over 10% when the right property is purchased in the right area, and for the right price. This is why knowing your overall goals (strategy), and purchasing the right properties with the right knowledge is so important – it can be the difference between you getting a 3% return and a 12% return on your capital. In addition, the prospect of capital growth makes property investing even more attractive over the long term.

Why not check out some of our case studies, which show the returns that we have achieved over the last few years. We are open and transparent about our projects and would be happy to discuss these with you. To find out more please contact us today.

Currently, the best place to invest in the UK is the North West of England according to Savills, one of the world’s leading property agents, who are predicting a 27% + house price growth between 2020 and 2024. This is where we focus our investing efforts, both personally and for our clients. It is in the North West that we have been growing our own personal portfolios over a number of years and where we have vast experience. We have seen some fantastic capital growth over recent years, along with excellent monthly returns.

This all depends on the decisions you make and the path you take, but it is important that you understand this before starting your investment journey. It can be as hands on, or hands off as you would like. Many of our clients have high pressure, busy day jobs and want to be hands off, whilst successfully growing their investment portfolios. 

We offer a property management service, and as investors ourselves, we run this with our clients in mind. We all want as little ‘hassle’ as possible in this area and we take care of everything for you. We agree with each client how they would like their properties managed and we make this stress free and easy for our clients.

Savills are predicting a 27% + house price growth between 2020 and 2024, and with demand for rental properties increasing by the month – property remains a very attractive investment proposition. With an uncertain environment and volatility in parts of the stock market, many investors are looking to property for a safer, more tangible investment that provides healthy returns.

Investing is a personal decision and what is right for one person, is not right for another – so one size definitely doesn’t fit all. This is why we offer the free, no obligation 20-minute consultation, in order for you to see if property investing is right for you and to share how we could help you on your investment journey.

Hopefully by now, you can see that we are providing a balanced view of property investing, and like all investments, there are risks. The key for us is to mitigate those risks, and through our experience we have successfully managed to navigate our way through the many risks of property investing. This is part of the value that we bring to our clients at Switch, we want our clients to avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes. This is where we add value and support you on your investment journey.

Risks are inherent with investing of any kind, and property investing is no different. There are risks at all stages of the investment process, with just a few causes including:

  • Lack of planning/research/knowledge (pre-investment)
  • Poor decisions in the buying process e.g. mortgage selection, lack of financial planning leading to tax issues, poor/no property surveys
  • Purchasing the wrong property e.g. right property, wrong area, or right area, but wrong property
  • Renovation headaches
  • Property management, or mismanagement…
  • Lack of knowledge of laws and responsibilities as a landlord.

This is the million-dollar question, but sadly there is not a quick answer, and like most investment decisions….it depends on you, your strategy and your goals.

This is something that we support our clients with, as we work to get to know them, understand their circumstances and what they are looking to do through property e.g. make £50k in 12 months through ‘flipping’ properties, or build a portfolio that delivers £3,000 per month return.

We can help you develop a strategy that is right for you, and find you properties that deliver the best returns.

As we always state, we do not provide financial advice – we only share learning and guidance from our own experience and knowledge of property investing. However, we have a team of expert partners, including accountants, who can help you understand more. HMRC provide clear guidelines on what you can and cannot claim for.

If you decide to work with us to support you on your investment journey, then our fees are legitimate business expenses, which you can off-set against your investment profits. So, what have you got to lose?

If you would like to learn more about how we could help you, then please get in touch today. We would love to help you on your journey, so call for a free no obligation, 20-minute consultation.

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