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Development projects are highly complex and multi-faceted, and have diverse requirements, variances, outcomes and parties involved. We partner with clients through all the critical phases of the project to ensure they are assessed, planned and documented to aid effective due diligence and delivery from inception to completion and exit.  

Utilising our effective management tool and extensive construction and financial experience, we work to clearly identify, agree and implement robust finance, delivery and exit models for the project.  

We sit with you, the employer, in a supporting role to coordinated & manage: the financer / funder, solicitors, landowner(s), agents, local planning authorities, architects, structural engineer, specialist consultants, contracts, contractors, sub-contractors, building control, warranty providers.  

Our Roles & Responsibilities

Strategic Development Appraisal

Understanding a project’s viability, feasibility, and overall strategy before starting is vital. This is part of the overall due-diligence carried out prior to commencing a development or purchasing a site and/or building/s. 

The viability and feasibility and overall strategy is assessed using the Strategic Development Appraisal. This is a 50-point project assessment report covering: scope, documentation review, financial and cost modelling, the development structure, potential costs, purchase price, end values, and foreseeable requirements and risks. 

Objectives & Outcomes

Finance Structure, Development Plan, Financial Model, Delivery Model, Purchase Structure, Scope of Works, Exit Model 

Project Assessment, Valuation, Pre-construction Review, Construction Plan Review,  Scope Assessment 

£1,950.00 EXC VAT 

Project Viability

Project viability

Helping you save time and money before a project starts. We ensure your project is viable by reviewing build cost, planning constraints, design and build challenges, and required professional services.

Design Specification

Design and specification

Defining the fine detail of your project to make sure it stays on time and within budget. We work with professional services like architects, surveyors, and planning consultants to ensure the design concept is fully specified and compliant, and that full procurement and project plans in place.

Construction management

Appointing trusted contractors and managing the project to completion. We appoint and manage contractors on your behalf to ensure contracts are set up and administered properly, work is of high quality, and budgets and timelines are met.

We provide our services for all construction projects including individual residential refurbishments and extensions, commercial to residential conversions, commercial fit-out, and new build developments.

Our detailed, ethical, and transparent approach gives clients complete support and security throughout the full project life cycle.

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Our Services

Investment Strategy

Pre-Investment Strategy

The Strategy explores the benefits and risks of property investment from single buy to lets, to commercial conversions, to multiple new builds and everything in between. It helps you to understand your individual circumstances, investment aims, and which investment options could work best for you. The process equips you with the knowledge and questions required to get the best from your professional financial and investment advisors to set up your investment structure, and ultimately define your property investment criteria

Opportunity Find

Opportunity Find

We help you find properties and opportunities that meet your investment criteria using our experience, market knowledge and relationships. You provide us with a specific brief for the property or we will help you learn how to define your brief by using our strategy service. We view multiple properties/opportunities, providing videos and commentary for every visit and indicate overall costs and market data on end value (GDV) and rental value.

Pre Development Appraisal

Pre-Development Appraisal

The Pre-Development Appraisal is a cost assessment report of a specific project to give confidence in its viability. The report provides a review and justification of estimated costs, including purchasing costs, finance costs, construction costs, management costs, and professional fees. It also provides market information on property end values (GDV) and rental values. The professional services you require are listed in the report which could include finance brokers, architects, planning consultants, building inspectors etc. In some cases, commentary on specific issues such as planning permission (provided by suitably qualified professionals) may be provided if necessary to help your viability decision.

Pre Construction Prep

Pre-Construction Preparation

We act as the Principal Designer, taking a design concept and defining all the details that will enable a successful project. The Pre-Construction Preparation report co-ordinates the design, specification, procurement plan and delivery documents for your construction project. This is a vital step that enables an effective and accurate tendering process and ensures the chosen contractors’ costs are closely monitored and controlled to minimize overruns and variations. It dramatically reduces budget contingency and leads to much more efficient project delivery. The result is a construction contract that is detailed, realistic, clear and simple to manage.

Construction Management

Construction Management

Acting as the Managing Contractor we work on your behalf to project manage the delivery of your construction project. We identify, instruct, manage, and administrate your construction contract along with a periodic independent and transparent assessment of the project (costs, progress, funding, quality, delivery, and health & safety). We only appoint proven and trusted contractors to ensure your project is successful.

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