Why are you considering investing in property?

What is your WHY (motivation) for investing in property? This is such an important starting point for any potential investor, and is the step that is commonly missed. Knowing why you are looking to start investing, and what you are ultimately trying to achieve is vital to overall success with your investing. Are you looking […]

What returns can I expect if I invest in property?

I once read that over 90% of millionaires have achieved financial success through investing in property. Whether this fact is 100% accurate or not is irrelevant, the point is that property investing, if executed effectively, is one of the best options to put you on the path to financial security. To be clear, this blog […]

7 Reasons why property is a good investment

Investing in property is one of the most successful and rewarding ways to make great returns on your capital, with investing becoming more popular than ever. Existing landlords are expanding their portfolios, whilst more and more people are turning to property to help achieve returns on their hard-earned money. For over ten years, interest rates […]

Why should you invest your money at all?

Why do people invest their money at all? Why not just go out and buy new cars, the latest designer clothes, enjoy holidays abroad instead? Well, unless you are one of the very few and very lucky people who are extremely wealthy and know that your income stream will always continue, then you may want […]