5 Steps to property success



Many of our clients tell us that they know they should have been investing in property for a number of years but didn’t have the time or energy to do so.

We understand that  buying an investment property is a big step for you, and that is why we are here to support, reassure, and guide you on your journey. It all starts by understanding you, and your goals. Every client’s investment strategy is different and needs to be in order to meet their aspirations.

This is possibly the most over-looked step when starting investing…having a strategy. This acts as the foundation for all future success.

1. Learning: Why invest in property?

We discuss the many benefits of property investing, along with the risks and how to mitigate them. We also cover the various strategies for investing in property: Buy to Let, Buy to Sell (flipping), HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupancy), Off Plan Investing, Rent to Rent, and the steps we will take to deliver value for you. Finally, and most importantly, we will get to know you, your goals and ambitions and start building the relationship.

2. Bespoke investment strategy

As with any strategy, thorough planning and preparation is the foundation for future successes. We listen to you and develop a strategy which will best deliver your aspirations, using our experience and knowledge of the market to deliver the maximum value for you. Every client has different aspirations so it is important to ensure everything we do is taking you closer to achieving your goals. This strategy phase is often overlooked, as investors jump in to investing fuelled by excitement, naivety or lack of guidance. 

3. Property sourcing (and acquisition)

Finding the right properties, in the right areas, at the right prices is essential. It is when you buy a property that you make your money, not when you sell. Leveraging our relationships with estate agents, our knowledge of the property market and our experience of what makes good investment properties, we help to find the right property for you to deliver the best value for your strategy. We aim to help you purchase these below market value with the potential to add value, often securing properties before they even reach the market.

Once we have found you the right property, we offer access to our team of expert partners, in order to guide you through the buying process:

Investing in property can be complicated with changing laws/regulations, tax, legal, and mortgage issues being just a few potential pitfalls, so having the right support is important. We know our clients and this is how we best deliver value for you.

4. Value Adding

One of the best ways to add value to your investment is buying a property that requires modernising. We offer a fully project managed renovation for you, utilising our experience, and our trusted team of tradesmen to make the renovation process simple, whilst reducing the time to complete the work. The quicker it is complete, the sooner you get rental income.

At this point in process, your investment property is ready to go on the market for rent (buy to let), or back on the market to sell (buy to sell / flip). We manage all of this for you to ensure you get the best value from your investment.

5. Investment Review & Support (mentoring)

So, you have started your investment journey, taken all the right steps, but how is your investment performing? It is important to keep reviewing your investments’ performance, and overall strategy to ensure they are working hard to achieve your goals. This step will highlight if any adjustments need to be made.

We offer regular support sessions (virtual or face to face) to help you deal with any issues and provide advice and guidance as you need it. This will ensure you continue down the correct path to achieve your goals and make the right decisions along the way. 

Investing in property is dynamic and to be successful you need to keep up to speed with all the latest changes. These could be legal changes, tax implications, mortgage rate changes, property management requirements etc. It is important to understand what impact these can have, and undertaking regular reviews makes sure you get the return on your investment that we planned for.

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